Jubilation Nation – by Julie Anshasi


What do you do when deceit abounds?

And how do you speak when they shut you down?

Where do you go to find the truth?

And who can you trust when they lie to you?

God blew a trumpet at the end of time,

God sent a man who can walk the line.

Someone with courage to stand alone,

Someone that nobody else can own.

The enemy fought to pull him down,

The enemy tried, in every town.

Lie after lie he spread around,

But truth rose up, as God smiled down.

No one can stop the plan of God,

Nations are ruled with His firm rod.

He chooses a man who stands his ground,

And uses the man who won’t back down.

The prayers of saints all over this land,

God hears them all, and He understands.

When it looked like all was said and done,

God played His TRUMP card,

And He has won!

Glory be to God!  Hallelujah, hallelujah!  Amen!

Joel 2:1

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