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Some things are HOT!  Some things are NOT! is a delightful children’s book for kids up to age four. 
It captures the everyday life of a curious little child, who learns that there are some things he just shouldn’t touch!  Children will enjoy this adventure and will learn some valuable life lessons along the way. Eighteen pages including stories and pictures.  Price includes tax, shipping and handling. Also available on,, and

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Some things are HOT! Some things are NOT!


Why did the dinosaurs die?  answers a common question that many children ask their parents and teachers.  It explains the Biblical account of creation, Satan’s fall from heaven, and the resulting devastation of the earth which wiped out every living thing, including the dinosaurs.  This colorful book will be a favorite of your children and grandchildren for years to come. Eighteen pages including story and pictures. Price includes tax, shipping, and handling.  Also available on and

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Why did the dinosaurs die?