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Butler photoJosie A. Butler

Josie Butler loves God and believes in God’s word and miracles. Jesus is number one in her life. She is a published author of two true stories and two sci-fi stories. She was born in Oglesby, Illinois, and has four children, nine grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. She has currently finished writing a Christian sci-fi story titled, “The Protector.”

When it rings true - front cover


When it Rings True – Memoirs of a Cancer Survivor/Warrior – Released in 2018

When Josie Butler was diagnosed with cancer, her doctors gave her six months to live. That was over thirteen years ago. This powerful, true story of a woman who courageously fought cancer – and won – will inspire you and give hope to anyone who is facing cancer.  Price includes tax, shipping and handling.

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When It Rings True - Memoirs of a Cancer Survivor/Warrior.